Stem Gold+

  • Timeless Beauty!

    Stop fretting gravity, you deserve to be the best you can possibly be!
    Take time out to nurture yourself daily with Kinohimitsu Stem Gold+
    that brings you the full potential of nature’s goodness.
  • 8 Gorgeous Wonders: 

    • Rejuvenates Tired Skin
    • Retains Moisture
    • Improves Skin Elasticity
    • Evens Out Skin Tone
    • Shrinks Pores
    • Reinforces Hair & Nails
    • Promotes Bones Muscles & Ligaments Health
    • Lift Bust, Buttocks & Thighs

  • 21 international patents- Cell Young® Snow Lotus Stem Cell,
    Cell Young® Orchid Stem Cell, Rose Crysta® Rose Extract,
    AstaREAL® Astaxanthin.
  • First-time users: Take 1 scoop a day for 6 days consecutively, preferably before breakfast or bedtime.
    For maintenance: 1 scoop every 2 days.
    Direction of use: Mix with 180ml of water. Serve with chilled water for delicious taste.

  • Is the drink suitable for men?
    Of course. It is suitable for both women and men as it is 100% natural; it does not contain hormones, steroids and chemicals.

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Questions & Answers

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  • What is the difference between Marine Gem and Stem Gold

    The difference and benefits of both products are as shown below: Marine Gem contains 5000mg collagen:  •             Firm, tighten and brighten skin •             Strengthen hair root & prevent hair fall/ breakage •             Strengthen weak and brittle nails •             Lift bust & tone body •             Support joint & bone health   Stem Gold + contains collagen and stem cell ingredients: •             Rejuvenates tired skin •             Retains moisture •             Improves skin elasticity •             Evens out skin tone •             Minimizes pores •             Reinforces hair and nails •             Promotes bones, muscles and ligaments health •             Lifts bust, buttocks and thigh
    Hope this clarifies. Thank you.

  • Hi does this stemgold can do the wonders as claimed for 50 yr old menopause woman? Thk u.

    Hi Reena,
    Yes, Stem Gold + is suitable for 50 years old menopause women. Thank you.

  • Is this suitable for ladies in their sixties?

    Hi YL Ku,
    Yes, it is suitable for ladies in their sixties. Thank you.

  • is suitable for vegetarian?

    Hi Sin,
    Stem Gold + is not suitable for vegetarians as the collagen is from a fish source. Thank you.

  • For breastfeeding mother?

    Hi Mandy,
    For breastfeeding mother, we advise consulting with your doctor first before taking any nutritional supplement. Thank you.

  • What is the taste or flavour?

    Stem Gold+ tastes like raspberry. Thank you.

  • is it suitable for twenties?

    Hi Tee,
    Yes, you may start taking Stem Gold + from 25 years old onwards. Thank you.

  • Hi, i’m 33 years old.I have anemia, knee pain and always feel tired.Should I consume Marine Gem or Stem Gold+?

    Hi Michelle,
    We recommend taking Superfood Lady as it contains iron and can help combat anemia, and provides energy. Meanwhile, for knee pain, if is due to joint pain we recommend taking Marine Gem as it contains 5000mg of collagen. Thank you.

  • Is this suitable for all age?Suitable for 30 yr old ladies?

    Hi PC,
    Stem Gold+ is suitable for 30 years old and above. Thank you.

  • Hi I would like to know currently I am taking stem cell and my last bottle will be on 18 Oct. How do I consume stem gold after the stem cell? Do I take it as the same method as stem cell? Thank you.

    Yes Stem Gold+ is to be taken every alternate days either before breakfast or before bedtime. Thank you.

  • I am 42 years old and I just start consumed the Stem Gold a week ago, is it suitable for me?

    Hi Min,
    Yes, Stem Gold+ is suitable for 42 years old. Thank you.

  • Hi, what is the difference between stem cell and beautiful?

    Hi Shu Ting,
    The main difference is Stem Gold+ contains red beet powder that helps to brighten skin tone, giving a fairer complexion and pinkish healthy skin. Meanwhile, Beautifull contains citrislim which reduces water rentention and in turn help with anti cellulite and reduce eye puffiness. Overall, this ingredient helps to tone body, lift bust and bum. Hope this clarifies. Thank you.

  • Hi, can I let go ProWhite after consuming Stem Gold?

    Hi Lim,
    Sure, you may let go Prowhite after consuming Stem Gold+. However, the functions of these two products are different. Prowhite main functions are to promote liver health, eliminate spots, skin brightening, and boost immunity. Meanwhile, Stem Gold+ helps to rejuvenate tired skin, retain moisture, improves skin elasticity, evens out skin tone, minimises pores, reinforces hair and nails, promotes bones, muscles, and ligaments health and lifts bust, buttocks and thigh. Hope this clarifies. Thank you.

  • Stem gold and diamond collagen . Which is good for skin fine line and dry skin ?

    For dry skin and fine lines you may take Collagen Diamond. Thank you.

  • I’m taking prowhite . So should i take for stem gold or diamond colllagen as well ?

    Hi Nyg,
    You may take Collagen Diamond if you wish to find a collagen drink. If you are looking for something else that contains both collagen and stemcell you may choose Stem Gold+. Hope this clarifies. Thank you.

  • Hi I want ask my 35years old diamond collagen 5300 or stem gold is suitable for me

    Hi Karen,
    Both are suitable for your age. Collagen Diamond contains 5300mg of collagen while Stem Gold+ contains mixture of collagen and stemcell. You may choose either one of the product. Thank you.

  • hi, may i know can it reduce dark spot?

    For dark spots, we advise taking Kinohimitsu Prowhite daily before bedtime instead. Thank you.

  • Hi im in 20s. 23 years old to be precise. Im consuming jpan beauty collagen drink currently. I have acne scar so i think i need collagen for rapid healing. Is it okay if i take it with this stem gold? Since both contained collagen.

    Hi Laila,
    For acne scars, Clear Activ or BB Drink would be best to accelerate the healing process for your skin. Meanwhile, Stem Gold+ is suitable for 25 years and above. Thank you.

  • I consume both marine gem and stem gold + i am coming 50 next years... Can i consume both

    Hi Rozie,
    Yes, you may consume both Marine Gem and Stem Gold+. You may take it on alternate days, etc. Marine Gem on Monday, Stem Gold+ on Tuesday, etc. Thank you.

  • Does stem gold + suitable for dialysis patient?

    Hi Irene,
    For dialysis patient, we recommending consulting with your health practitioner before taking any nutritional supplement. Thank you.

  • Hi, is Stem Gold suitable for diabetes

    Hi Adriene,
    We recommend consulting with your doctor first before taking any nutritional supplement for diabetes patients. Thank you.

  • Hi, I am aged 55. Kindly advise which one to consume i.e. Stem Gold+ or Stemcell. Are there any difference between these two products? Thank you.

    We recommend taking Kinohimitsu Stemcell for your current age. Meanwhile, Stem Gold+ is suitable for those in their 20s and above. The main differences is Stemcell is in liquid form, contains 5300mg collagen while Stem Gold+ comes in powder form and contains 2500mg collagen. Hope this clarifies. Thank you.

  • Hi...i'm 30yrs old already. May i know which product from Kinohimitsu is more suitable for me? Pls advise.

    Hi Stefanie, You may try taking Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond or Kinohimitsu Marine Gem as both are suitable for your current age. Thank you.

  • I consume both Kinohimitsu Prowhite and Stem gold, i am coming 50 next years, can i consume both

    Hi Siew Lin, Yes, you may consume both Stem Gold+ and Prowhite. We recommend taking Stem Gold+ before breakfast and Prowhite before bedtime. Thank you.

  • Can consume during period?

    Hi Amber, Yes, Stem Gold+ can be taken during period. Thank you.

  • Hii, is stem gold suitable for all ages? I’m 20 years old this year, can I consume this one?

    Hi Jenny, Yes, Stem Gold+ is suitable from 20 years old and above. You may consume daily for the first 6 days, after that, you may take once every alternate day. Thank you.

  • Hello there Can men consump stem gold?

    Hi Khai, Stem Gold+ can be consumed by both male and female. Thank you.

  • 请问一下,Marine Gem 和Stem Gold 可以同时间两种一起喝吗?

    您好,是的,您可以同时服用Marine Gem和Stem Gold+,谢谢。

  • Can I take stem gold + to replace the collagen drinks? Is stem gold contain collagen? Can stem gold helps to reduce wrinkle and fine lines? I'm 35 yo and skin always dry.

    Hi Ys, Yes, Stem Gold+ contains 2500mg of collagen with a mixture of stemcell ingredients. It can help to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and is suitable for 35 years old. Thank you.

  • The answer to the difference between marina gem and stem gold is not clear enough, many of the benefits are overlapping, just the wording used is different. Can you pls help to explain clearer for the difference between the 2?

    Hi Carmen, Marine Gem contains 5000mg of collagen. Benefits are such as skin firming, tighten pores, reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Meanwhile, Stem Gold+ contains 2500mg collagen and mixture of plant stem cells. This combination of ingredients provides you benefits from collagen as well as stem cells. Stem cell main function is for constant renewal (regeneration) of your skin, in other words for anti-ageing properties.  Therefore, if you are looking for just a collagen product, you may choose Marine Gem. However, if you are looking for collagen and stem cell you may purchase Stem Gold+ instead. Hope this clarifies. Thank you.

  • I'm 26 !! its suitable for me? :)

    Hi, Yes, Stem Gold+ is suitable for 26 years old. Thank you.

  • I love to drink fresh fruit blended with ice cube in the morning. Can i add one scoop of Stem Gold?

    Hi Ritz, Yes, you may add Stem Gold+ into your ice blended fresh fruit juice in the morning. Thank you.

  • Hai im 36y..which 1 suitable for me to consume beautifull or stemgold.I have dark skin,flabby tummy,uneven skin tone and I need to lift up my bust and buttock.

    Hi Mai, You may consume Stem Gold+ as it can help to lift bust, buttocks and thigh, even out skin tone, improve skin elasticity and more. You may take 1 scoop per day for first 6 days. After that you may take once every alternate days. Thank you.

  • I’m 30 years this year and currently consuming Diamond Collagen for second box. can i consume both Diamond Collagen and Stem Gold+?

    Hi Nurulaini, Yes, you may consume both Collagen Diamond and Stem Gold+. We recommend taking it on alternately for both products; eg. Mon- Collagen Diamond, Tue - Stem Gold+, etc. Hope this clarifies. Thank you.

  • can men consume this supplement?

    Hi khusainy, Yes, Men can consume Stem Gold+. Thank you.

  • Hi, whats a different between stem gold + and stem cell? I am 27 years old now, if i want to reduce acne, acne scars, dark circles, which one will be more suitable?

    Hi Celynn,
    Stemcell is more potent compared to Stem Gold+. For your current age, you may take Kinohimitsu Stem Gold+. However, to reduce acne and acne scars, we recommend taking Kinohimitsu BB Drink. It can help to promote skin cells regeneration, regulate sebum secretion and reduce oiliness, hydration, heal scars and reduce blemishes. Hope this clarifies. Thank you.

  • Hi for each scoop of stem gold, how much is the collagen in mg ? Thanks.

    Each scoop of Stem Gold+ contains 2500mg collagen. Thank you.

  • What is the different of this and Beautiful? You have stopped producing Beautiful?

    Hi Tan,
    Beautifull has been discontinued. We now have Stem Gold+ and the main difference is that it contains beetroot powder to help moisturize and brighten skin tone, giving a fairer complexion and pinkish healthy skin. Thank you.

  • hi there, may I mix stem gold+ with superfood? please advice.thanksss..

    Hi Carmen,
    Yes, you may mix Stem Gold+ with Superfood. Hope this clarifies. Thank you.

  • Is stemgold brightens skin. Im in my early 30s. The sales person advice me to take this. As im having oily skin, large pores.

    Stem Gold+ can help to brighten skin, tighten pores, anti-ageing and can help to balance out the water-oil balance. Thank you.

  • Hi, I'm taking Marine Gem now , so. Can I change to steam gold , which is suitable for me , my age is 48

    Hi Wennie,
    Sure, you may swap to Stem Gold+ as it contains plant stem cells which is good for anti ageing. Thank you.

  • Hi, For age 63 yrs. Is it advisable to take Marine Gem? Thanks.

    Hi PP,
    Yes, 63 years old can consume Marine Gem. Thank you.

  • Hi, can i taking stem gold everyday?

    Hi Yong,
    Yes, you may take Stem Gold+ daily. Thank you.

  • Hi.. Is a 16 years old girl with acne prone skin suitable to consume Kinohimitsu stem gold?

    Hi Ezie,
    For acne prone skin we advise taking BB Drink. Stem Gold+ is suitable for 25 years and above. Thank you.

  • Hi, I’m 20 y/o and I wanna ask why would you say that stem gold is suitable for 25 y/o and above? If I wanna buy for buat lifting and skin enhancing for my mum and I. Hope you can explain more on that.

    Stem Gold+ is suitable for 25 years and above the collagen levels in our body will start to deplete from 25 years onwards. Therefore, at 20 years old, your collagen levels are still at its peak and do not need additional supplementation. However, it is not a problem to start earlier than 25 years old. You and your mum can try Stem Gold+ together, either before breakfast or before bedtime. Thank you.

  • Is this Kinohimitsu stem gold + suitable for 32 year old? And what is the prefer timing to consume it? Morning with empty stomach?

    Hi Eva,
    Stem Gold+ is suitable for 32 years old and can be taken either before breakfast or before bedtime. Thank you.

  • Male can consume?

    Hi Billa,
    Stem Gold+ can be taken by male. Thank you.

  • Hi I'm 29, which type of collegen is suit for me, tq.

    You may try taking Kinohimitsu Stem Gold+ as it contains 2500mg collagen and plant stem cells. You may take it either before breakfast or before bedtime. Thank you.

  • Hi when is the stem gold expired?

    Stem Gold+ expiry date by Sept 2021. Thank you.

  • Is this suitable for men ?

    Yes, Stem Gold+ is suitable for men. Thank you.

  • So in general you can mix any Kinohimitsu product right? As long as we take it in alternate day right? So many range don't know which to take. Im 30 years old and have dry skin. Currently consume UVBright. Planning to add Stem Gold

    Hi As,
    Yes, you may mix any Kinohimitsu product together. You may take UV Bright in the morning and Stem Gold+ can be taken either before breakfast or before bedtime. Thank you.

  • Hi,is this Stem gold+ suitable for pregnant woman?

    For pregnant women, we advise to check with doctor before taking any additional supplement. Thank you.

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