D'tox Tea Ginger 60's x 2 (Advance)

  • Natural, traditional herbs blended together to create a light, delicious and caffeine-free beverage that helps to achieve results.

    Kinohimitsu Detox Tea gently rejuvenates the body, lessening fatigue and restoring vigour to those who often feel weak or tired.

    People who lead hectic, demanding lifestyles often experience more physical and mental discomfort, and Kinohimitsu Detox Tea can help to remedy your problems.

    Ginger has been well-known for over 5000 years for its powerful health imparting properties and is said to have most potent medicinal properties.
  • • Promotes regular bowel movement
    • Eliminates harmful waste from bowels
    • Great taste, ideal for serving guests
  • • Ginger Root
    • Orange Peel Rosehips Fruit
    • Uva Ursi
    • Chamomile Flower
    • Stevia Leaves
    • Althea Root (Marshmallow)
    • Buckthorn Bark
  • The tea can be taken regularly for a healthier, stronger and energized body.
    First, boil water, steep the tea bag per cup for 2-5 minutes to desired strength and taste. Serve the tea.
    The tea can be served once to twice daily after meals, use one pack each time and you may add raw honey to enhance its taste.

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Questions & Answers

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  • I have a box of this kinohimitsu ginger tea but it was expired on October 2017. Can I still consume it? Bcoz only taken 2 sachet and still left 58 sachet in the box

    Hi Ameline,
    We advise to dispose products that has passed expiry date after 3 months. Thank you.

  • I am taking snow lotus stemcell on alternate days. Can I also take ginger detox tea?javascript:void(0)

    Hi Catherine,
    Yes, you may take D'tox Ginger Tea as well. You may take it after lunch. Meanwhile, Stemcell can be taken before breakfast or before bedtime. Thank you. 

  • Hi, since this product is a laxative tea, if drink daily any side effects like depending on the tea for bowel. Thank you.

    Hi,  D'tox Tea does not contain any laxatives. It is made of natural herbs, therefore, will not have any side effects such as dependence on the product for bowel movement. Thank you.

  • Once drink the tea, for sure will go toilet? I had constipation problem, is this product will ease my problem so as I could go toilet everyday if I drink everyday? Thanks

    Hi Irene,
    D'tox Tea is a natural, traditional herb blended together to create a light, delicious and caffeine-free beverage that helps to achieve results. It helps to promote regular bowel movement and eliminates harmful waste from bowels. You may try to help ease your problem. Thank you.

  • Hi during menstrual period, can I consume this product?

    Yes, you may consume D'tox Tea during period. Thank you.

  • hi, may i know the expired date?

    The expiry date is by June 2022. Thank you.

  • hi, now I consume one supplement. it is for collagen, prevent cancer and also can flatten the stomach. before meals i drink this collagen and what time can i drink this ginger detox tea?


    You may consume D'tox Tea Ginger after one of your meals. Thank you.

  • I've diabetes. Can I consume this?

    Hi Irene. Yes can. Although, we highly recommend you to get your Dr's approval as well before taking any supplements. Hope this clarifies. Thank you

  • Hi, is this the new packaging? I drink the similar product before, the ingredients are same, just the packaging is different. Besides, can i drink this everyday?

    Hi yes, this is new packaging. They are still using same ingredients just the packaging is different. You can drink it daily (preferably after meal) for detox. Thank you.

  • Hi Im a breastfeeding mom, can i consume this product? In a normal case, how frequent can we consume? Daily? Thanks.

    Hi Candy,
    D'tox Tea is not recommended for breastfeeding mothers. For normal case, without any breastfeeding or pregnant moms, you may take up once or twice per day after meal. One tea bag each time. 
    Hope this answers your question. Thank you.

  • Since this is using ginger, may i know when is the best time to drink it? I heard ginger is not good to apply at night because it might be harmful to our orgAns and affect our sleeping.

    Dear Belindle, 
    Thank you for choosing Kinohimitsu.  It does not matter what timing of the day you take Kinohimitsu D'tox Ginger Tea.  However, for convenience purpose,  we recommend you to consume Detox Ginger Tea after breakfast or after lunch.  Do note that the tea promote bowel movement and may be effective an hour or 2 hours after consumption   If it is more convenienc for you to consume it after dinner, you may do so too.   There has not been any known proof that ginger is bad for your body if consumed at night.  Some people choose to take the tea at night after dinner, and it has worked well for them.  We hope this answers your question.  Thank you.

  • Hi, my wife is pregnant, can she still consume this once daily?

    Hi Kai Wei,
    Thank you for enquiring with us. We suggest stopping the consumption of D'tox Tea Ginger during pregnancy. If you are feeling unsure, kindly refer to the doctor before taking any nutritional supplement. Thank you.

  • expired date?????

    Hi Risa,
    Thank you for enquiring with us. Kinohimitsu D'tox Tea Ginger expiry date is by October 2020. Thank you.

  • Hi... Can 4 years old kid take this ?

    Hi Lee,
    D'tox Tea is suitable for age 13 and above. Children below 13 years old may not have fully developed digestive system, thus is not suitable to consume Detox products. Hope this clarifies! Thank you.

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