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Madu Kelulut 300g

Honey Type: Stingless Bee Honey (Madu Kelulut)
Bee Type: Stingless Bee (Meliponines)
Source: Pahang Tropical Rainforest
Colour: Amber Brown
Aroma: Fruity scent with hints of woody forest
Taste: Fruity sweet-sour taste coupled with note of
astringency and hints of spiciness


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✓ Boosts physical vitality
✓ Strengthens immune system
✓ Promotes wound healing
✓ Controls blood sugar levels
✓ Enhances sleeping quality
✓ Promote healthy and youthful skin
✓ Support respiratory system
✓ Antimicrobial
✓ Antifungal
✓ Anti-inflammatory
✓ Anti-oxidant


✓ Genuine pure honey
✓ Rare and limited honey type
✓ Harvested from pollution-free tropical rainforest
✓ Equipped with Lab Test Report
✓ Adhere to Food Regulation
✓ HALAL certified by JAKIM
✓ Produced by ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP factory

100% Madu Kelulut

Direction of use
It is ready-to-consume.
Note: Not suitable for children below age of ONE.

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