Simplistic Cleanser BEGIN 250ml

    • Mild cleanser with eco certified plant derived surfactant
    • Cleanly remove wastes and impurities
    • Cleanses pores thoroughly while leaving your skin hydrated
    • 100% natural honey and propolis gives soft cleansing
    • Enriched organic aloe powder soothes irritated skin
  • Who are not suitable / encourage to use this product ?
    Suitable for all skin types. 

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Questions & Answers

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  • Hi,i bella. For acne and dry skin sesuai tak this cleanser?

    Hi Bella,
    Ya, simplistic cleanser begin sesuai untuk kulit kering dan acne. Terima kasih.

  • Hi . Cleanser ni lebih sesuai untuk skin macam mana ya . Saya skin combination sesuai ke kalau pakai cleanser ni ?

    Simplistic Cleanser sesuai untuk semua jenis kulit. Ya, anda boleh guna Simplistic Cleanser untuk kulit kombinasi anda. Terima kasih.

  • Bila expiry date dia?

    Hai, expiry date pada 09/2020. Terima kasih.

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