Superfood Kids 500g + Eyebright Lutein 15's

  • “Boost, Build Support”

    A Nutritious Drink For Healthy Growth

    Good nutrition is vital for a child's growth and development. Kinohimitsu Superfood Kids is carefully formulated from 7-colour ingredients - multigrain, colostrum, isolated soy protein, DHA, calcareous marine algae and super berries that help to promote optimal nourishment and protection for your kids. Essential nutrients help to support healthy physical development, digestion, immunity and brain energy. It is delicious and easy-to-make. Great for growing kids!

  • • Boosts immunity
    • Supports gut health
    • Supports healthy bones and teeth
    • Supports brain power
    • Promotes growth of probiotics
    • Supports normal healthy growth and provide energy

  • • Multigrain Powder
    • Colostrum
    • DHA
    • Calcareous Marine Algae Powder (Lithothamnion calcareum)
    • Mixed Berries
    • Wheat Grass
    • Prebiotic FOS – Inulin (Synergy ®)

  • Mix into 150 – 200ml of cold or lukewarm water. You can also mix it into juices, smoothies or anything your kids like.

  • Q: What is the preparation method of Kinohimitsu Superfood Kids?
    A: Mix 1 - 2 scoops of Kinohimitsu Superfood Kids with 150- 200ml of cold or lukewarm water. Taste can be adjusted based on your kids' preferences by mixing it with milk, juices or anything your kids may like.

    Q: Are all the ingredients of Kinohimitsu Superfood Kids natural?
    A: Yes, it is 100% natural and we do not use preservatives, artificial colour and artificial flavour.

  • Instant Wake-Up Call For Your Eyes

    Aim for a better quality of life by caring for your vision with
    Kinohimitsu EyeBright.

    The health of your eyesight affects your performance at work, school and even at home, and when the health of your vision is at its best, you can be at your best too.

    Over time, our eyes are prone to damage from the exposure to free radicals and blue light, which can lead to premature macular degeneration and other eye discomforts such as chronic dryness and red veins.

    Kinohimitsu EyeBright provides you with the ultimate nourishment for your eyes.

  • Advanced technology - Quick dissolve granules

    High Antioxidants

    Comprehensive Formula-
    -100mg FloraGLO Lutein

    1 sachet is equivalent to 17 cups of spinach

    High quality patented ingredients
  • FloraGLO® Lutein: Combats free radicals and filters damaging blue light to protect retina and optic nerves.

    Maqui Berry Extract: The rich content of anthocyanin, particularly delphinidin, is excellent in preventing degenerative conditions of eyes by inhibiting light-induced damage on retina.

    Purple Rice Extract: The anthocyanin content is able to reduce eyes fatigue and effective for improving visual acuity.

    Lycopene (Tomato Extract): The best inner moisturizer to relieve eye dryness and restore charming blink in eyes.

    Beta-carotene : Improves the eye conditions such as poor night vision, dry eyes, eye inflammation and reduces the risk of
    age-related macular degeneration (AMD).
  • Take 1 sachet a day before breakfast.
    Consume directly or mix with 50ml water.
    Serve with a chilled water for delicious taste.

    For kids: Consume directly for fun and richer mouth feel
  • How soon will I be able to see the results?
    Every individual reacts differently to any supplement. Some may see immediate results while others may take longer time. You may feel immediate relief of eye fatigue and noticeable improvement of eyesight within 1-3 months when consume regularly.

    Can I consume EyeBright together with other medicinal, drugs or herbal products?
    This standard practice is recommended by all health practitioners for all types of supplements or natural health drinks:-
    Consume such product with an interval time of 1 hour.
    For patients who are taking pro-longed medications or illnesses requiring special care of diet or food intake, it is best to obtain all types of supplements or natural health products with prior consultation with your physician.

    Is this product suitable for vegetarian?
    Yes, the product is suitable for vegetarian.

    Can a diabetic patient consume this drink?
    Diabetic patients are on special monitor diet. They need to monitor their daily intake of appropriate proportion of food including basic daily necessity such as rice, wheat, flour, etc. We would like to suggest you to consult your health care professional or physician should you have any doubt.

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Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • What's the minimum age the children can take this?

    Dear Wan, 
    Thank you for choosing Kinohimitsu.  Please be informed that Kinohimitsu Superfood Kids is suitable for children from age 2 to 12.  Thank you. 

  • Is this product is halal? Tq so much.

    Dear Ana, 
    Thank you for choosing Kinohimitsu.  Kinohimitsu Superfood Kids is a Halal intended product.  We are currently awaiting for Halal certification from Jakim and this usually takes sometime.  Once we receive this certification, we will add the Halal logo sign onto the product.  Hope this answers your question.  Thank you. 

  • Hi, my 10yrs old boy is currently drinking the Superfood Kids and now my going-to-be 13yrs old son likes the taste too. I read that the Superfood Kid is recommended for 2yrs-12yrs old, should I buy Superfood for him better? Thank you.

    Hi Aeryn,
    Thank you for enquiring with us. It is no problem for your 13 years old son to continue drinking Superfood Kids if he likes the taste. Thank you.

  • May I know what does the powder taste like? Taste and smell?

    Dear Stacey,
    Thank you for choosing Kinohimitsu. Our product Kinohimitsu Superfood Kids has a vanilla taste and smell. Hope this answers your question. Thank you.

  • i need to ask my kid 20months can drink or not?

    Dear Yeeling,
    Thank you for enquiring with us. Kinohimitsu Superfood Kids is recommended for children ages 2 to 12 years old. We do not recommend kids below 2 years old to consume yet because at that early age, their body system has not fully developed and may be uncertain of possible allergy reaction towards certain types of food ingredients. Thank you.

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