D'tox Program - D'tox Plum Juice 6's + D'tox Ginger Tea 14's [Exp: 4/2022]

  • Kinohimitsu D'Tox Plum Juice and Kinohimitsu D'tox Tea Ginger is an ideal combination for those who want to have perfect body shape. This special pack helps to rejuvenate tired body and remove unwanted toxins.

    This Regime includes
    • 6 bottles of D'tox Plum Juice
    • 14 sachets of D'tox Tea Ginger

  • • A smart way to flush out toxins from your bowel within 2-4 hours

  • • D'tox Plum Juice
    • D'tox Tea Ginger

  • Take 1 bottle of Kinohimitsu J'Pan D'Tox Juice daily, preferably 30 minutes after dinner for consecutive of 6 days.

    On day 7 onwards, take 1 sachet Kinohimitsu J'Pan D'Tox Tea Peppermint, preferably 30 minutes after meal.
  • Kinohimitsu’s D’tox Juice is our very 1st innovative functional drink bottle, which delivers almost immediate results of bowel movements within 2-4 hours. Thus we have specially designed a extensive Q&A for customers’ who would like to find out more.

    1. When is the best time to consume Kinohimitsu J’pan D’tox Juice?
    It is best to have it 2-4 hours before planning for defecation.

    2. Do I need to avoid any food when I am taking Kinohimitsu J’pan D’tox Juice?
    No. There is no special control diet needed.

    3. Why isn’t there any bowel reaction after 2-4 hours?
    No worries, different people may react differently due to the absorption capability of the body. You should continue the 6-Day Program and you will see results.

    4. Is it normal if I experience defecation more than once in a day after consuming Kinohimitsu J’pan D’tox Juice?
    Certainly! In fact, frequent defecation at the beginning with large amounts of faeces or usually accompanied with flatulence (wind/gas) is a good sign of detoxification.

    5. Why do I not experience bowel movement on the 2nd day, after frequent defecation on the 1st day?
    During the 1st day, your colon may have cleared off the mucoid plaque. Food taken thereafter would require a certain time to be digested and absorbed. It’s suggested to maintain a regular meal time everyday and you will have smooth, regular bowel movements soon.

    6. I have constipation and visit the toilets only once every 2 to 3 days. Can I consume Kinohimitsu J’pan D’tox Juice everyday or more than the suggested quantity?
    Yes, sure! Kinohimitsu J’pan D’tox Juice is 100% natural and doesn’t cause addiction or dependency. In any serious constipation case, you may consume 2 bottles at one time. Normally after the 3rd day of consumption, you may experience smooth defecation. After 6 days, smooth and regular bowel movements will be experienced.

    7. Is Kinohimitsu J’pan D’tox Juice a weight loss program?
    Though it is not meant for slimming, many have experienced flatter tummies and weight loss while cleansing. People have been known to carry 7-25 pounds of old, dried-up faecal matter in the intestines and this program will help flush out these faecal matter out of the body, resulting in slimming effects.

    8. Who’s suitable to consume this product?
    It is suitable for everybody especially constipation sufferers including children and the elderly, those always overindulging in meals and meat-eaters. To maintain good health, we encourage you to take 1-3 bottles Kinohimitsu J’pan D’Tox Juice each week.

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Questions & Answers

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  • Can d'tox plum consume 30 minutes after lunch instead of dinner?

    Hi Elly,
    Yes, you may take Plum Juice after lunch. Thank you.

  • Hi! Can i take phytox while taking d'tox plum juice? Thank you.

    Hi, Yes, you may consume Phytox and D'tox Plum Juice. We advise taking both products alternatively. For eg. Monday - D'tox Plum Juice, Tuesday- Phytox, etc. Thank you.

  • I bought this Detox program, now 5th day only start have some result. I would like to buy more Dtox plum juice, may i know should I continue to finish this program and only drink Dtox juice 1-3days per week or can I drink Dtox plum juice more than 6days till 10th afterward start dtox tea?

    Hi,  We recommend taking D'tox Plum Juice 1 to 3 times per week after finishing the 6 days course. In the meantime, you may take D'tox Tea daily on the days that you are not taking D'tox Plum Juice. Thank you.

  • i want to consume kinohimitsu collagen diamond together with C Up kinohimitsu and Phytox or D'tox Plump. how do i arrange the timing for each drink? Can you sort it out for me? and don't know which one is good for me, which is Phytox or D'tox Plump. what you recommend on this?

    Hi Ja,
    Collagen Diamond can be taken before breakfast, Phytox or Plum Juice can be taken before or after dinner and C-Up can be taken before bedtime. Plum Juice is suitable for those with severe constipation. Meanwhile, Phytox is a detox + enzyme product which not only helps with detox but also with digestion. Depending on your needs, you may choose either one. Thank you.

  • Hi,can taken detox in period day?

    Hi Goh,
    Yes, you may take detox during period. Thank you.

  • Hi, children at age 5 & 6 which facing constipation are safe to consume?

    Hi Chang,
    For children, Plum Juice is suitable for 6 years and above. You may give half bottle per serving. Alternatively, you may give Superfood Kids to children instead. It contains 22 types of multigrain which provides more fiber and can help to improve digestive health and in turn help with constipation. Thank you.

  • 这是我第二天喝,两天都很有效,喝后两小时就有感觉了,可是每次都是水水的像泻肚子那样,请问这是什么情况?谢谢。


  • I bought this program together with COF and Collagen beauty. Please advise how to consume daily. Thank you.

    You may consume Collagen Beauty either before breakfast or before bedtime. Meanwhile, COF can be taken before lunch or dinner. Thank you.

  • Hi. I have several problem and need your suggestion. 1) I want to lose weight but focus on stomach, tight and butt. What is suitable product for me? 2) I have chaped lip. What is suitable product to consume? Also, I plan to consume C-Up together with the 2 product above. How is the schedule to take 3 product all together? Thanks.

    You may take GC Lite for weight loss product. It can be taken 30 min before one of your meals daily. Meanwhile, for chapped lips you may try taking Collagen Diamond. Can take daily for first 6 days, after that you may take 1 bottle every alternate days. You may take this in the morning before breakfast. Lastly, C-Up can be taken daily before bedtime. Thank you.

  • 喝完6天D”TOX果汁加7天的姜茶后就不用喝了吗?

    您好,服用完D'tox Program之后可以选择继续服用姜茶以维持效果。谢谢。

  • 如果没有吃午餐,我可以在晚饭后才喝吗


  • Hi I am currently breastfeeding my baby. Can I take the D'tox plum juice and tea?

    For breastfeeding mothers, we advise consulting with your doctor first before taking any detox products. Thank you.

  • I want to do detox program . How do I start from?

    You may start by taking D'tox Plum Juice for the first 6 days, 1 bottle per day after dinner. After that, you may take 1 sachet of Ginger Tea daily for the next 2 weeks. The tea can be taken after one of your meals. Thank you.

  • hi! If i take this d'tox plum for more than 6 days, will it be any problem with my health? As I have a lot given by my aunt. Thanks.

    Hi Yeli,
    Thank you for enquiring with us. D'tox Plum Juice can be taken for more than 6 days. It will not cause any health problems. We suggest that you take 6 days consecutively, then you may take 1 bottle every alternate days for maintenance. Hope this answers your question. Thank you.

  • Hi! Just wondering if Kinohimitsu product got HALAL certificate? Thanks.

    Dear Fatin, 
    Thank you for enquiring with us.  May I ask which Kinohimitsu product are your referring to?  Please be informed that most of the Kinohimitsu products have already obtained the Halal certification from Jakim or other Halal certification body.  Some products may not have the Halal certification yet as we are still waiting for this from Jakim.  Hope this answers your question.  Thank you.

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