Beauty Activ 15's

  • Kinohimitsu Beauty Activ is a newly comprehensive formula to build your inner healthy connects to outer beauty.

  • • Provide firmer and supple skin
    • Promote rosy cheek complexion
    • Promote clear and smooth skin
    • Anti-premature ageing

  • • Marine Collagen Peptide
    • Red Beet
    • Cranberry Extract
    • Astaxanthin 
    • Pomegranate Extract
    • Apple Extract
    • Inulin

  • Mix into 80ml water. Take 1 sachet a day before bedtime. Serve with chilled water for delicious taste.

  • 1. What is the dosage of collagen in Kinohimitsu Beauty Activ? 
    Each sachet contains 1000mg collagen.

    2. Can men take Kinohimitsu Beauty Activ?
    Yes. It is recommended to everyone who concerns on beauty.

    3. How soon will I be able to see the results?
    Every individual reacts differently to any supplement. Some may see immediate results while others may take longer. As skin cells take about 28 days to renew, it is advisable that you consume Kinohimitsu Beauty Activ regularly to obtain the best results and see a difference of healthier skin with rosy cheek complexion within 28 days. 

    4. Can I take Kinohimitsu Beauty Activ throughout the day?
    Yes. You can take Kinohimitsu Beauty Activ at anytime. However, we would recommend you to consume before bedtime as this product works with our body's circadian rhythms to bring optimum results to your skin. 

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Questions & Answers

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  • So far is not available at every Watson pharmacy now??

    Beauty Activ is now available at all Watsons pharmacy. Thank you.

  • boleh ke consume sekali dengan white activ

    Ya anda boleh consume sekali dengan White Activ. Terima kasih.

  • does this contains potassium or ascorbic acid? as i cant find the details ingredients. tq


    Beauty Activ ingredients list as shown: Grape Powder, Marine Collagen Peptide, Mixed Berries Powder (Raspberry, Elderberry, Strawberry, Blueberry), Inulin, Red Beet, Apple Extract, Vitamin C, Cranberry, Sucralose, Astaxanthin, Pomegranate Extract. Thank you.

  • Can breastfeeding mom consume it?

    For breastfeeding mothers, we advise checking with your doctor before taking any additional food supplement. Thank you.

  • Are this have sugar?

    There is no added sugar in Beauty Activ. The sweetness comes from the different fruit and berries extract. Thank you.

  • 1. Adakah sesuai untuk kulit berminyak dan berjerawat?? 2. Adakah sesuai untuk wanita yang kerja dibawah matahari??

    Hi, Beauty Activ dapat membantu sintesis kolagen pada kulit, mengembalikan keanjalan kulit dan mempertahankan daripada sinaran UV yang berbahaya. Untuk kulit berminyak dan berjerawat kami mengesyorkan anda boleh ambil BB Drink. Ia dapat menggalakkan pertumbuhan semula sel kulit, menyembuhkan parut, penghidratan, mengurangkan minyak dan cela pada kulit. Terima kasih.

  • How many mg collagen is in this product?

    Hi, Beauty Activ has 1000mg collagen. Thank you.

  • Hi saya ada masalah jerawat Dan darkspot,mana satu yang sesuai dengan saya? Saya cari clear activ macam dah takda keluaran

    Ya Clear Activ sudah tidak ada keluaran. Kami recommend mengambil Prowhite untuk membantu menghilangkan darkspot. Manakala untuk mengurangkan jerawat, anda boleh mengambil BB Drink. Terima kasih.

  • Hi, what is the flavor of this product? Is it sour?

    It taste like berries with sweetness and slight sour. Thank you.

  • For how long can this product be taken continuously?

    There is no limitation to taking this item for long term as all ingredients are food based. Hope this clarifies. Thank you.

  • How many mg collagen in Beauty Activ and how many mg collagen in Collagen Activ?

    Both Beauty Activ and Collagen Activ contains 1000mg collagen per sachet. Thank you.

  • How many mg collagen in Beauty Activ and how many mg collagen in Collagen Activ?

    Beauty Activ and Collagen Activ contains 1000mg per sachet. Thank you.

  • How many mg collagen in Beauty Activ and how many mg collagen in Collagen Activ?

    Beauty Activ and Collagen Activ contains 1000mg collagen per sachet. Thank you.

  • Can someone who is planning to conceive take this?

    Yes, it can be taken by someone who is planning to conceive. Once you are pregnant, we recommend consulting with your doctor on whether you may continue or stop taking. Hope this clarifies. Thank you.

  • Collegen ini sesuai untuk peringkatan umur berapa ye?

    Beauty Activ sesuai untuk 15 tahun dan ke atas. Terima kasih.

  • boleh tak makan serbuk je tanpa bancuh dengan air

    Ya, anda boleh makan serbuk Beauty Activ tanpa bancuh dengan air. Terima kasih.

  • Apa beza white active dengan beauty active.. Saya ada masalah jeragat mana yg lebih sesuai

    Untuk masalah jeragat, anda boleh mengambil White Activ. Beauty Activ mengandungi kolagen untuk menganjalkan kulit. Terima kasih.

  • Hi . Waktu period boleh ambik 1 sachet ke ?

    Beauty Activ boleh diambil masa period. Terima kasih.

  • Lelaki boleh minumkah?

    Hi Rose, ya lelaki juga boleh minum. Terima kasih

  • Function dia bole cerahkan ke

    Hi. Kinohimitsu Beauty Activ membantu menganjalkan kulit, melembapkan dan bantu melancarkan alirah darah. Justeru boleh bantu memberi kesan 'rosy cheeks' pada bahagian pipi. Terima kasih

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