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[Health Recovery Set] Royal Honey 500g + A+ Vita C1000 30s + Bird's Nest with Red Dates & Wolfberry 6s + Royal Pumpkin 1kg *Personalized card available upon request

Immune system: World's Best Defence Troops Against Diseases. Below are Kinohimitsu immunity booster to enhance your body immunity and heal your body cells.

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1. Kinohimitsu Royal Honey 
- Genuine pure royal honey
- Sourced from pollution-free tropical rainforest
- Equipped with Lab Test Report
- Adhere to Food Regulation
- Halal-sourced honey
- Produced by ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP factory

2. A+ Vita C1000 
Kinohimitsu A+ Vita C1000 contains high content of Vitamin C and Vitamin A, coupling with Acerola, Turmeric Extract and Inulin, effectively in strengthening body immune system via a variety of mechanisms.

3. Bird's Nest with Red Dates & Wolfberries

Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest with Red Dates and Wolfberries combines the goodness of 100% genuine deluxe quality Bird’s Nest, Red Dates and Wolfberries, carefully prepared to retain their nutrients, allowing you to enjoy the optimal benefits in one bottle.

4. Royal Pumpkin 

The nutritious Kinohimitsu Royal Pumpkin is a golden formulation inspired by Oriental, Local Tradition and Ayurveda knowledge. It is formulated with high nutrition value Pumpkin and the precious Tiger Milk Mushroom that supports the body immune system and respiratory health. Besides that, it is further enhanced with Turmeric Extract which is potent for anti-inflammation effect and other 7-colours phytonutrients. Let's enjoy healthy life with pleasures by consuming this nutrition-rich beverage every day!

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