Stem Gold+ 180g x 2 [Free Stem Gold+ 5's]

  • Timeless Beauty!

    Stop fretting gravity, you deserve to be the best you can possibly be!
    Take time out to nurture yourself daily with Kinohimitsu Stem Gold+
    that brings you the full potential of nature’s goodness.
  • 8 Gorgeous Wonders: 

    • Rejuvenates Tired Skin
    • Retains Moisture
    • Improves Skin Elasticity
    • Evens Out Skin Tone
    • Shrinks Pores
    • Reinforces Hair & Nails
    • Promotes Bones Muscles & Ligaments Health
    • Lift Bust, Buttocks & Thighs

  • 21 international patents- Cell Young® Snow Lotus Stem Cell,
    Cell Young® Orchid Stem Cell, Rose Crysta® Rose Extract,
    AstaREAL® Astaxanthin.
  • First-time users: Take 1 scoop a day for 6 days consecutively, preferably before breakfast or bedtime.
    For maintenance: 1 scoop every 2 days.
    Direction of use: Mix with 180ml of water. Serve with chilled water for delicious taste.

  • Is the drink suitable for men?
    Of course. It is suitable for both women and men as it is 100% natural; it does not contain hormones, steroids and chemicals.

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Questions & Answers

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  • Is it suitable for diebetes old people?

    Hi Chris,
    Stem Gold+ might not be suitable for diabetes as it can be sweet. We advise consulting with a doctor before taking. Thank you.

  • Can i drink stem gold+ and prowhite for fairer skin

    Hi Ruby,
    Yes, you may take both Stem Gold+ and Prowhite for fairer skin. Thank you.

  • What is the expiry date of the product

    Stem Gold+ exp date by July 2021. Thank you.

  • Which product is most suitable for saggy flace ?

    We recommend taking Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond to help with skin firming. Thank you.

  • is this products help in antioxidant??

    Yes, Stem Gold+ contains high in antioxidant. Thank you.

  • Hi..I am 41 years old, is it appropriate to take this as a supplement?

    Yes, you may take Stem Gold+ every alternate days, either before breakfast or before bedtime. Thank you.

  • stem gold suitable for what age ?

    Hi, Stem Gold+ is suitable for age 25 and above. Thank you.

  • Which collagen must drink if age over 50?

    You may try Kinohimitsu Snow Lotus for age over 50 years old. It contains 5300mg collagen and snow lotus stem cell to help with anti aging. Thank you.

  • Is this suitable for vegetarian

    Stem Gold+ is not suitable for vegetarian as it contains marine collagen peptide. Thank you.

  • can i mix with milo or any?

    Stem Gold+ can be mixed with other beverages to consume, either before breakfast or before bedtime. Thank you.

  • Can people with PCOS consume this product?

    It should not be a problem to take for those with PCOS. However, should you have any concerns, kindly consult with your physician first. Thank you.

  • Expiry date for this product ?

    Exp date by April 2023. Thank you.

  • Can collagen help to reduce hair loss?

    Yes, Collagen will help to reduce hair loss as it strengthens hair root. Thank you.

  • Hi, if I buy today (10 Jan 2021) what will the expiry date for this Stem Gold+ be?

    Exp date by April 2023. Thank you.

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