Skinny Yogooc! 14's [New Product]

  • A Yogurt-Like Diet!

    Kinohimitsu Skinny Yogooc! is a trendy and delicious meal replacement that contains powerful ingredients which can increase fullness to cut down calories intake hence aid in weight loss. It is also aid in boosting metabolism to promote burning of stored fat and maintain energy during weight loss. Kinohimitsu Sknny Yogooc! comes in powder form with 2 flavours - Blueberry (7 sachets) and Passion Fruit (7 sachets) and is convenient for those who travels a lot. 
    • • Promotes satiety
      • Promotes bowel movement
      • Support weight loss
      • Support body skin toning & firming
      • Boost body metabolism & anti-ageing

    • Polydextrose - Increase fullness to cut down calories intake hence aid in weight loss.

      Lunasin (Soy Derived Protein) & Vitamin B Complex - Aid in boosting metabolism to promote burning of stored fat and maintain energy during weight loss.

      Marine Collagen Peptide (500mg) - Boost collagen density to strengthen skin elasticity, get firmer and perfect bodyline.

      Multivitamin Complex (Vitamin A, B, C, D & E) - Potent antioxidants that help body to eliminate free radicals, protect cellular health and anti-ageing.
    • Usage: Take 1 sachet a day.
      Mix with 150ml of milk or soy milk. 
      Stir or shake well about 2 minutes before serving.

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    Questions & Answers

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    • Hi.. I on weight watcher.. Can i use the superfood lady or sknny yagoc as food replacement

      You may take Sknny Yogooc! as a meal replacement. You may use unsweetened soy milk or low fat/skim milk to mix with and stir or shake well about 2 minutes before serving. Thank you.

    • Hi, I have knee pain issue. Can I consume Sknny Yogooc as this product contain soy peptide?

      For knee pain issue, can take Sknny Yogooc. Thank you.

    • Can it be consumed together with GC Lite?

      Yes you may take both on the same day. Sknny Yogooc! can be taken as one of your meal replacement. Meanwhile, GC Lite can be taken 30 mins before one of your meals. Thank you.

    • Hi..this product only can mix with milk ? Because I can't take dairy products.. Can you suggest other..

      We recommend mixing with unsweetened soy milk instead. Hope this clarifies. Thank you.

    • Can consume Sknny Yogooc, GC Lite, and Wellness Smooth’D Cleanse & Shape at the same time?

      We advise separating the intake of these 3 products in a day. You may take Sknny Yogooc as a meal replacement, GC Lite can be taken 30 mins before your meal and Cleanse & Shape can be taken before breakfast. Thank you.

    • Hi, Can i mix this product with warm milk or it has to be cold or room temperature?

      Hi Fiza,
      It is advised to mix with cold or room temperature milk as it contains probiotic. Thank you.

    • Hi, can I take this product with kinohimitsu phytox? How is the sequence? I'm searching for weight loss because I have tummy and want to slim my arm. So, may I know the construction for taking this 2 product? Thank you.

      You may take Sknny Yogooc as a meal replacement. Meanwhile, Phytox can be taken before or after one of your meal. Thank you.

    • Hi. Can I mix this with superfood lady instead of soy milk as a breakfast? Can take it during period also?

      Hi Jessie,
      Sknny Yogooc! is only recommended to mix with either milk or soy milk to get the right texture. Therefore, we do not recommend to mix with Superfood Lady. Yes, it can be taken during period. Thank you.

    • Hi how many times a day can i consume sknny yogooc

      You may take up to 2 times per day. Thank you.

    • hi when is suitable to take this , morning or night?

      Sknny Yogooc! can be taken any time of the day, it can be used as a meal replacement. We advise to mix it with milk or soy milk. Thank you.

    • 我想问,如果我食用了skinny yogooc后可以正常用餐吗?skinny yogooc是减肥产品吗?

      您好,Sknny Yogooc!是代餐,您需要加入牛奶或豆奶一起冲泡。是的,这是瘦身产品,谢谢。

    • Can I just mix with plain water?

      Sknny Yogooc! works best by mixing with milk or soy milk. It is not advisable to mix with plain water. Hope this clarifies. Thank you.

    • Can this firm a breast

      Hi, for breast friming, we advise to take C-up. It can promote fuller and firmer breast, uplifting and increase cup size. Thank you.

    • Hello... Is this product Halal certified?

      Yes, Sknny Yogooc! 14's is halal certified. Thank you.

    • Can consume sknny yogooc before sleep

      Hi, you may consume Sknny Yogooc! at any time of the day as meal replacement. Thank you.

    • Hi, breastfeeding mom can take skynny yogooc?

      Hi, for breastfeeding mom, we advise to consult doctor before taking any nutritional supplement. Thank you.

    • is skinny yogood certified halal ?

      Hi, Sknny Yogooc! is certified Halal. Thank you.

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