Skinny Coffee 14's

  • LEANER, SHARPER, HAPPIER. We Are More Than That!

    An exquisite blend of Coffee and Garcinia Cambogia imbued with
    rich and subtle flavour that brings you a delightful experience.
    A great natural way to feel energized and light. 
  • Why we picked Robusta Coffee over Arabica Coffee? :

    • Higher chlorogenic acid

    • Stronger aroma

    • Richer taste

    • Lower acidity

    • Better improvement of concentration and mental alertness

    • Increase basal metabolic rate more effectively
  • Finely Grounded Premium Coffee Bean Boosts energy, mood and alertness.

    Garcinia Cambogia Supports weight management. 

    Soluble Corn Fibre (Prebiotic) Improves bowel movement and gut health.

  • Mix 1 sachet with 150ml of hot water.


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Questions & Answers

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  • Can i take skinny coffee & collagen diamond in one timev

    Hi, Collagen Diamond can be consumed either before breakfast or before bedtime and we recommend at least 2 hours gap in between before/after taking coffee. Thank you.

  • May I know when is the expiry date? Thank you.

    Hi, the expiry date is by 02/2022. Thank you.

  • Can I consume 2 sachets per day?

    Hi, yes you may take up to 4 sachets of Skinny Coffee per day. Thank you.

  • 请问喝了会泄肚子吗?

    您好,喝了不会泻肚子,Skinny Coffee 含高纤维 (益生元)帮助促进肠道的蠕动,燃烧身体储存的脂肪,用以提升能量。谢谢。

  • May I know how much is the shipping fee

    Free delivery is offered for orders above RM80, placed within West Malaysia only. For orders below RM80, the shipping fee is RM10. Meanwhile, delivery fees will charge to East Malaysia address according to the products' weight. Hope this clarifies. Thank you.

  • Hi, im breastfeeding mom. Can i take this coffee??

    For breastfeeding mom, we advise consulting with your doctor first before taking any slimming products. Thank you.

  • Need consume before breakfast or anytime as a replace meal?

    Skinny Coffee can be taken anytime of the day as when you would usually consume your coffee. Please note that this coffee is not a meal replacement. It is a functional coffee with slimming benefits. Hope this clarifies. Thank you.

  • Can i consume skinny coffee with stemgold+?

    Hi, Stem Gold+ can be consumed either before breakfast or before bedtime and we recommend at least 2 hours gap in between before/after taking coffee. Thank you.

  • Hi , this one is morning drink or night ? And i can drink together with kinohimitsu beauty ?

    Skinny Coffee can be taken any time of the day as when you would normally drink coffee. Meanwhile, Beauty is to be taken either before breakfast or before bedtime. We advise leaving at least 1 hr gap between taking collagen and coffee. Thank you.

  • Could you please explain further on how skinny coffee supports weight management.

    Skinny Coffee contains key ingredients that can help to support weight loss. It contains Garcinia Cambogia which can help to burn fat, suppress appetite, metabolism support. Meanwhile, it also contains corn fibre which can help to increase satiety and helps in weight loss and bowel movement. Thank you.

  • Can breastfeeding mother consume this product?

    For breastfeeding mothers, we advise checking with your doctor before taking any weight management products. Thank you.

  • For weight loss, which is more effective? Skinny Coffee or GC Lite?

    Hi, both Skinny Coffee and GC Lite are effective in lossing weight. Skinny Coffee may increase basal metabolic rate, improve concentration and mental alertness while for GC Lite is to increase fullness, block fat formation and relieve constipation. Thank you.

  • can the coffee be consumed cold or with ice?

    Yes, you may consume it cold and with ice. Thank you.

  • Can I drink skinny coffee after breakfast right after consuming gc lite (before breakfast)?

    Yes, you may consume Skinny Coffee after breakfast. GC Lite can be taken 30 mins before breakfast. Thank you.

  • Can Muslims drink this product?

    Hi. Yes muslim can drink Skinny Coffee. It is certified halal. Thank you

  • 这产品能达到瘦身功效?

    您好,Skinny Coffee是瘦身产品,有助于增加饱腹感,促进肠道蠕动和帮助瘦身。建议每天可以喝1-2包。谢谢。

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