Superfood Supreme 500g

  • Initiate Your Wellness Journey

    A nutritional multigrain beverage that promotes healthy bones, joints and muscles, enabling you to stay active to explore life with excitement and energy regardless of age.

  • • Good for digestive health and promote bowel movement
    • Plant source of protein for enhancing muscle strength and body toning
    • Good for joint health of its an-inflammatory properties
    • Good for nourishing hair & regulating blood pressure
    • Good for development of strong bones and teeth & cardiovascular system

  • • Brown Rice
    • Isolated Pea Protein
    • Mangosteen Fruit Extract
    • Black Sesame Seed
    • Calcium 

  • Mix 2 scoops into 150 – 200ml of cold or lukewarm water. You can also mix it into juices, smoothies or anything you like.
  • Q: Is Kinohimitsu Superfood suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women?
    A: Yes, because all the ingredients are food, our product is designed so that everybody can enjoy its benefits

    Q: What are the recommended water amount and temperature to prepare Kinohimitsu Superfood?
    A: It is purely a matter of personal taste, you can use any amount of water and temperature to prepare Kinohimitsu Superfood.

    Q: Are all the ingredients natural?
    A: Yes, it is 100% natural and we do not use preservatives, artificial colours and artificial flavours.

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Questions & Answers

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  • does this superfood supreme suitable for kids about 8-10 years old?

    Hi Khor Jackie,
    Thank you for enquiring with us. Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme recommended age is above 12 years old. The recommended group are elderly, athletes or exercise enthusiasts, people who are undergoing physiotherapy & rehabilitation. Therefore, for children ages 2 to 12 years old, we suggest taking Kinohimitsu Superfood Kids instead as it is suitable for growing kids. Hope this answers your question. Thank you.  

  • Is this a supplement or a meal replacement?

    Hi Arifin,
    Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme is a supplement. The main benefits are to support bones, muscles and joint health. It can be used as a meal replacement as well. Thank you.

  • Is this good for osteoarthritis?

    Hi Lee Kuan,
    Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme can help with osteoarthritis as it supports bones, muscles and joint health. Thank you.

  • Is Kinohimitsu Superfood suitable for diabetes patients?

    Hi Mike,
    Thank you for enquiring with us. Yes, Kinohimitsu Superfood is suitable for diabetes patients. Meanwhile, Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme helps to support bones, muscles and joints health.

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