Essence of Chicken 6's

  • Kinohimitsu Essence of Chicken is made only with 180 days old free-range chicken that extracted using a technologically-advanced high-pressure double-boiled method to breakdown the long-chained protein into a shorter chain for better absorption. Enjoy the natural goodness of the 100% pure concentrated essence at any time and anywhere to regain your energy.

  • ·         Revives vigour and vitality
    ·         Improves cognitive function & memory
    ·         Increases stamina and endurance
    ·         Promotes metabolism
    ·         Promotes healing and rejuvenation
    ·         Promotes post-natal lactation
    ·         Enhances immunity
    ·         Nourishes weak body

  • • Essence of Chicken
  • It is ready-to-drink and can be taken at room temperature or warmed. Immersed in hot water for 6 - 8 minutes for better taste.
    Adult: One bottle daily.
    Children (4-12 years old): Half bottle daily

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Questions & Answers

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  • The chickens used a native(kampung) chickens or normal farmed white chickens>Free range chicken means they are not caged? Any caramel added?

    We are using Free Range Chicken – means uncaged, breed under an environmental-controlled area. There is no caramel added. Thank you.

  • Is this product halal certified? Thank you.

    Yes, Essence of Chicken is halal certified. Thank you.

  • No trademark halal stated on d box. Is this really halal certified?

    Yes, it is certified Halal by Jakim. Thank you.

  • Is it suitable for early pregnancy?

    Yes, it is suitable for early pregnancy. Thank you.

  • Hi, may I know how much is the protein content per bottle? Each bottle is 60ml?

    The protein content is 6.45g per serving. Each bottle contains 75ml. Thank you.

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