D'tox Tea Peppermint 60's + D'tox Tea Ginger 60's

  • Natural, traditional herbs blended together to create a light, delicious and caffeine-free beverage that helps to achieve results.

    Kinohimitsu Detox Tea gently rejuvenates the body, lessening fatigue and restoring vigour to those who often feel weak or tired.

    People who lead hectic, demanding lifestyles often experience more physical and mental discomfort, and Kinohimitsu Detox Tea can help to remedy your problems.
  • • Promotes regular bowel movement
    • Eliminates harmful waste from bowels
    • Great taste, ideal for serving guests
  • • Peppermint leaves / Ginger Root
    • Orange peel
    • Rosehip Fruit
    • Uva Ursi 
    • Chamomile Flower
    • Stevia Leaves
    • Althea Root (Marshmallow)
    • Buckthorn Bark
  • Direction of use:
    Steep tea bag into hot water for 2-5 minutes.
    Suggest to take 1-2 times daily after meal.
    One tea bag each time.
    Raw honey may be added to enhanced taste.

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Questions & Answers

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  • Can drink when lady period time?

    Yes, D'tox Tea can be consumed during period. Thank you.

  • when is expired date?

    D'tox Tea Peppermint exp date by May 2022 and D'tox Tea Ginger exp date by June 2022. Thank you.

  • Kids aged 8 can consume this?

    D'tox Tea is only suitable for 12 years and above. For children below 12 you may let them take 1/2 bottle of D'tox Plum Juice instead. Thank you.

  • Hi, can this able drink by pregnancy woman ??

    For pregnant women, we recommend consulting with your physician before taking any detox products. Thank you.

  • Is it safe for breasfeeding?

    For breastfeeding moms, we recommend consulting with your physician before taking any detox products. Thank you.

  • So this is a 60s or 120s ?

    Hi Cha,
    For this promotion, you will receive 120 sachets of D'tox Tea Peppermint. Thank you.

  • When to take this will give the best results? Before or after meal? Thank you.

    Hi Peggy,
    You may take D'tox Tea Peppermint after meals. Thank you.

  • Hi, after taken this tea, will it makes me diarrhea or stomach pain?

    Hi Kelly,
    D'tox Tea Peppermint will not cause diarrhea or severe stomach pain. Thank you.

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