COF 30's

  • Eat Without Guilt!

    Kinohimitsu COF is a naturally derived and 100% science-based fat binder that allows you to indulge with foods without worrying about calories!

  • Bind and reduce fats absorption

    Reduce abdominal fat and visceral fat

    Increase metabolism

    Increase the amount of calories burn

  • Enoki Extract & Konjac
    Bind with dietary fat and form large fat-fiber complexes which are difficult to be absorbed by small intestines and then excrete out.

    Garcinia Cambogia
    Prevents carbohydrates from converting to fats, by diverting carbohydrate into energy production rather than accumulating as body fat.

    Green Tea Extract
    Caffeine helps to boost metabolism and increase the amount of calories burn.
  • Consume directly or mix with 150ml of water. Serve with chilled water for delicious taste.

  • •.Is Kinohimitsu COF safe?
    Kinohimitsu COF is naturally derived and clinically proven. It’s gentle on the system and does not interfere with your body’s natural workings.

    •.Is Kinohimitsu COF suitable for children?
    No. Children below aged of 12 are still in growing stage, they need a lot of nutrients to ensure healthy development. Hence, the use of this product for children below 12 should be supervised by healthcare professionals.

    •.Can I take Kinohimitsu COF with other medications?
    Interaction of Kinohimitsu COF with different medications have not been studied. If you are on other medications, we would advise you to inform your healthcare professional on the intake Kinohimitsu COF.

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Questions & Answers

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  • Should I take this in the morning before I eat anything?

    Thank you for choosing Kinohimitsu COF.  We recommend you to take this product 30 minutes before lunch or dinner.  You can take 1 to 2 sachets a day.  Kinohimitsu COF binds fats from food intake as well as fat in your abdomen area including visceral fat and prevent then from being absorbed by the the body.  The fat wastes will then get flushed out via natural bowel movement.  We recommend you to consume this product everyday for best results.  Should you have any other enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Thank you. 

    Kinohimitsu Malaysia

  • Any side effect? Or will I gain back my weight after stop taking?

    Dear Chris, 
    Thank you for enquiring with us. Kinohimitsu COF is naturally derived and clinically proven. It’s gentle on the system and does not interfere with your body’s natural workings. Therefore it does not have any side effects or gain all your weight once stop taking. However, we do recommend that you exercise regularly and eat a healthy balance meal for best results. Hope this answers your question. Thank you.

  • I need to take this every day?Or just need take it when I have heaviest meal?

    Dear Yuki, 
    Thank you for choosing Kinohimitsu.  We usually recommend customer to take Kinohimitsu COF on a daily basis if they have intention to loose weight.  Therefore, it depends on what your concerns and objective are.  If you intend to loose weight, take it on a daily basis before lunch or dinner.  If you are only taking Kinohimitsu COF randomly, you can opt to take it before any heavy meals. Hope this answers you question.  Thank you.  

  • Can i consume during menstruation?

    Hi PM,
    Thank you for enquiring with us. Yes, you may take Kinohimitsu COF during menses. Thank you.

  • Is it Halal Certified?

    Dear Nad, 
    Thank you for your enquiry. Kinohimitsu COF is a Halal intended product, however we are currently awaiting for Halal Certification approval by Jakim.  Once we receive the Halal status from Jakim on COF, the Halal logo sign will be added to the product itself.  Hope this answers your question.  Thank you. 

  • I'm 16 yrs old can I take this product everyday?

    Dear Lucy, 
    Thank you for choosing Kinohimtisu.  16 years old can take Kinohimitsu COF everyday.  You can take 1 sachet 30 minutes before lunch or dinner.  For best results to weight loss, we do recommend that you do regular exercise and eat balance diet, alongside with taking the products.  We hope this answers you question.  Thank you. 

  • My main intention of taking this product is for weight loss. Should I consume this one sachet before lunch and one sachet before dinner or two sachets before my heaviest meal?

    Dear Airayana,
    Thank you for choosing Kinohimitsu.  Referring to your question, we recommend you to consume 1 sachet before lunch and 1 sachet before dinner.  Kinohimitsu COF helps to bind fat in your body to prevent excessive fats from being absorbed by your body.  1 sachet of COF can bind 30g of fat.  These fat wastes will then be excreted our from your body via natural bowel movement.  For best results, we would still recommend you to exercise regularly and eat balance diet, alongside with taking COF. Weight loss takes a lot of commitment, therefore if you combine all these effort, results will be more promising.  Hope this answers your questions.  Thank you.

  • Does this product have 14's packaging one?Because I want to try work or not 1st.

    Dear Izumi, 
    Thank you for choosing Kinohimitsu.  At the moment, Kinohimitsu COF 14 sachets is only available at the pharmacies.  But this packaging will be available on our Kinohimitsu e-store end of next week.  Thank you. 

  • Hi,it should be drink 30minutes before lunch or dinner?Can I take it 5minutes before lunch or dinner?Or can I take it 1 hour before or longest than 1 hour?or just immediately take my meal after take cof?Because sometime I go out with friend or travel I can't confirm what time I will start eat my lunch or dinner.Between after I mix stir in 150ml water i must take it immediately?Because if i go out I can not stir it anywhere,so I will like to mix stir it in a bottle of water before I go out and drink it at noon.

    Dear Yuki, 
    Thank you for choosing Kinohimitsu.  COF is to be taken before meal.  It is recommended that you take it 30 minutes before meal.  But if you missed the time, you can still take it 10 or 15 minutes before meal.  We recommend consumption before meal and not after meal for best results.  You can either mix with water and drink or, more conveniently, just pour the whole sachet into your mouth and swallow.  The powder is very fine and it dissolve very easily.  You can drink water after that.  Hope this answers you question.  Thank you. 

  • Im bresfed child age 2years plus. Can i take kilo COF?

    Hi Fye, 
    Thank you for enquiring with us. If you are breastfeeding mother, kindly consult your doctor before taking any supplements. Hope this answers your question. Thank you. 

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