Superfood Lady 500g + Beautifull 15's

  • This pinkalicious all plant-based multigrain beverage is fortified with Calcium and Iron, combined with Beetroot, Cranberry, Red Date and Longan that work together in a perfect state of harmony to fit every woman.

  • Source of Fibre - Support digestive health
    High in Calcium - Good for development of strong bones and teeth & cardiovascular system
    High in Iron - Good for red blood cell formation
    High in Protein - Good for body toning & support immune cells
    Cranberry - good for urinary tract health
    Beet Root - good for increasing stamina & endurance
    Red Dates - good for nourishing
    Longan - good for blood circulation
  • • Multigrain Powder
    • Palatinose® (Isomaltulose)
    • Soy
    • Isolated Soy Protein
    • Honey Powder
    • Red Date & Longan
    • Beetroot
    • Calcium Carbonate
    • Cranberry,
    • Iron Pyrophosphate
    • Sucralose.

  • Mix 2 scoops with 150ml-200ml of cold or lukewarm water.

  • Freeze Time with the Science of Nature

    Kinohimitsu Beautifull
    is a complete anti-ageing solution with 10 WONDERS for a more youthful look by offering skin beauty and body toning at one goes.

  • 10 Wonders of Beautifull:

    • Firm, Hydrate & Brighten Skin

    • Reduce Fine Lines & Pores

    • Inner Sunscreen

    • Anti-Photoageing

    • Reduce Eye Puffiness

    • Heal Skin & Chapped Lips

    • Strengthen Hair & Nails

    • Soften Rough Elbows & Knees

    • Tone Body, Lift Bust & Bum

    • Anti- Cellulite

  • Cell Young® Snow Lotus Stem Cell, Orchid Stem Cells & AstaReal Astaxantin
    High SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) and anti-inflammatory properties to protect each layer of the skin.

    Rose Crysta® Rose Extract, Pine Bark Extract
    Moisturizes and brightens skin complexion

    Marine Collagen, Lycopene
    Stimulates keratin production to support healthy hair, skin and nail growth

    Effectively increases body metabolism and drives out fluid retention in body

  • Take 1 sachet daily a day before breakfast or bedtime. Mix with 200ml of water. Serve with chilled water for delicious taste.

  • Is there any side effect?
    Our product is 100% natural and safe which contains no additives, no sugar added, no preservatives, no artificial coloring or flavoring and no chemicals.

    Can I consume this Drink together with other medicinal, drugs or herbal product?
    This standard practice is recommended by all health practitioners for all types of supplements or natural health drinks:- Consume such product with an interval time of 1 hour. For patients who are taking pro-longed medications or illnesses requiring special care of diet or food intake, it is best to obtain all types of supplements or natural health products with prior consultation with your physician.

    Is this product suitable for pregnant lady and breast feeding mother?
    Kinohimitsu Beautifull is a 100% natural functional drink. It has no preservatives, no artificial coloring or flavoring and no chemicals. We’d recommend all pregnant or breast-feeding mothers to consult your physician and doctors before consuming any supplements.

    Is it safe to consume this product when I have menses?
    Yes, it is safe.

    Do I need to detox first before taking this product?
    Yes, detoxification enables better absorption of nutrients and therefore optimizing the results. We recommend a 6 Days Program on detoxification with Kinohimitsu J’pan D’tox Juice.

    Can a diabetic patient consume this product?
    Diabetic patients are on special monitor diet. They need to monitor their daily intake of appropriate proportion of food including basic daily necessity such as rice, wheat, flour, etc. We would like to suggest you to consult your health care professional or physician should you have any doubt.

    Can I take more than one Kinohimitsu products on the same day? Or at the same time?
    Yes, you may consume more than one product on the same day. However, it is best to strategize your consumption according to priority needs of your health and beauty. Please feel free to contact our Nutritionist to assist you on a suitable health and beauty program.

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Questions & Answers

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  • How many days will you see the results. Will it be effective for women ageing 40+ or 50+ ?

    Hi Nichole,
    Majority subjects see results within 14* days with skin renewal at 28 days! Every individual reacts differently to any supplement. Some may see immediate results while others may take longer time. It is advisable that you consume Kinohimitsu products regularly to obtain the best results. Yes, it is effective for women in their 40s and 50s. Thank you.

  • superfood lady can drink before half hour breakfast

    Hi June,
    You may take Superfood Lady can be taken together with your breakfast. Thank you.

  • For High Blood with medication can take Superfood?

    Hi Ong,
    Yes, Kinohimitsu Superfood is suitable for those with high blood pressure and on medication.
    It helps to maintain a healthy cholesterol level, prevents from developing 3 "High" (blood pressure, blood glucose and blood lipids).
    Meanwhile, Kinohimitsu Superfood Lady is more for women's health booster, replenishes QI (blood) and promotes beauty.
    Hope this clarifies. Thank you.

  • I'm breastfeed my 5m.o baby. Is it suitable for breastfeeding mommy?

    Hi Masita,
    Kinohimitsu Superfood Lady is suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. However, for collagen drinks such as Beautifull, we advise that you consult with your doctor/physician before taking any supplement. Hope this answers your question. Thank you.

  • Can diabetic consume this..tq

    Dear Hafizah,
    Thank you for choosing Kinohimitsu. Kinohimitsu Superfood Lady and Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond has no added sugar. However, diabetic patients are on special monitor diet. They need to monitor their daily intake of appropriate proportion of food including basic daily necessity such as rice, wheat, flour, etc. We would like to suggest you to consult your physician or doctor before taking any supplements should you have any doubts. Hope this anwers your question. Thank you.

  • what is the difference between superfood lady and superfood? which one is better for me if i want to lose weight?

    Dear Siti,
    Thank you for enquiring with us. The Superfood series is a health beverage which helps to promote overall health. It comprise of powerful ingredients from all 7 colour food group which will give your body all the nutrients needed. 
    Kinohimitsu Superfood is high in fibre and barley Beta-Glucan BG25 which can help to lower cholesterol. It also contains organic soy that regulates smooth muscle function in the body, and helps to maintain appropriate blood pressure levels. It does not contain added sugar which helps to maintain blood sugar levels. 
    Meanwhile, Superfood Lady consists of powerful ingredients such as fiber, beet root, red date, cranberry, longan which helps in digestive health, increase stamina and endurance, nourishing, urinary tract health, and blood circulation. Moreover, it is high in calcium and iron which helps to strengthen bones and red blood cell formation. We recommend you to take Kinohimitsu Superfood every day for optimal health benefit. For weight loss, you may drink it is meal replacement by adding it with milk. Hope this answers your question. Thank you. 

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