Activa Condolisa Scar Gel 10ml (No Box)

  • A non-allergenic water-based gel specially formulated for effective scar treatment. Treats new or old , naturally caused or accident scars without leaving any oily or sticky feeling.

  • • Stimulate cells growth for scar recovery and accelerates wound healing.

  • • Chitosan
    • CYtobiol Iris A
    • Condolisa

  • Apply twice a day. Gently massage..
  • Q: Who can use ACTIVA Condolisa Series?
    A: ACTIVA Condolisa Series can be used by anyone whose scar is dry (especially acne scars). Scars should be at the repairing stage not when the would is fresh or bleeding.

    Q: Is the ACTIVA Condolisa Series safe for usage?
    A: Yes, it is made of 100% natural active ingredients.

    Q: How soon can I see the results after using ACTIVA Condolisa Scar Gel?
    A: The results may vary depending on individual, it is advisable to apply ACTIVA Condolisa Scar Gel everyday to obtain the best results. You will see the difference as sooner as 14 days.

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Questions & Answers

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  • Hi, is this effective on scar occur past 20 years? I got old scar on my forehead due to fall down..after a few stitches, there is scar on my forehead. May I know how many tube i need to use in order to heal my scar? of cause not completely heal all, at least 70%...thanks

    Dear Ms Tan, 
    Thank you for enquiring with us. We cannot give you a timeline nor how many bottles to use as it depends on individual. However, we can suggest you to apply on the scar at least twice per day as it is a 20 year old scar. It will definitely take time to lighten the scar marks. Hope this answers your question. Thank you.

Peter Chong K.
Hi there, My mum is using this product long ago. She like it very much when you stop selling it at the mall. She keep asking me to look for it, and after trying for 1 and the half year, I shifted to johor and I found it in the website of google search. By the way do you sell removing light dark skin spot on face. It not black spot. It is milky watering type not cream. Or maybe your product is also cream type. Thank you Rgds

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