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[Health Gift Set] Bird's Nest Changbai Mountain Ginseng 3's + Bird's Nest Red Dates 6's + Essence Of Chicken 6's + Royal Black 1kg + Footox 10+10's + StemCell 10's

Express your love to your parents with Kinohimitsu's Love Dad Set filled with healthy treats.

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1. Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest Beverage with Changbai Mountain Ginseng (33% Bird's Nest) combines the goodness of premium Changbai Mountain Ginseng, carefully prepared to retain their nutrients. Each bottle is prepared wholeheartedly, allowing you to enjoy every sip while nvigorating Qi.

2. Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest with Red Dates and Wolfberries (28% Bird's Nest) combines the goodness of 100% genuine deluxe quality Bird’s Nest, Red Dates and Wolfberries, carefully prepared to retain their nutrients, allowing you to enjoy the optimal benefits in one bottle.

3. Kinohimitsu Essence of Chicken is made only with 180 days old free-range chicken that extracted using a technologically-advanced high-pressure double-boiled method to breakdown the long-chained protein into a shorter chain for better absorption. Enjoy the natural goodness of the 100% pure concentrated essence at any time and anywhere to regain your energy.

4. Kinohimitsu Royal Black nourishes you with its proprietary combination of phytonutrients deriving from 7-colours ingredients. Enriched with black sesame and He-Shou-Wu which are well known for hair care, this beverage offers a fragrant smooth texture to your liking. Enjoy one cup daily to keep you energetic and shine with confidence!

5. Kinohimitsu Footox uses all natural tree extracts and powerful negative ions to help detoxify toxins effectively through soles, relieve numerous body aches, improve sleeping quality and increase energy levels.

6. Kinohimitsu Stem Cell feel youthful vigor and fascinating appearance with “Beauté-health Potion”! The specialty of “Beauté-health Potion” Reverse signs of ageing and helps you grow biologically younger!

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