Collagen Diamond 32's+2's x 2

  • Firm and moisture-plumped skin in a bottle

    With a whopping 5300mg of Collagen Peptide, Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink is specifically catered to help rstore youthfulness, resilience and radiance to mature skin.

    Collagen Peptide boasts a shorter molecular structure that gets it absorbed more easily by our skin as compared to our skin's natural collagen.

    By actively boosting collagen synthesis and repairing damaged collagen fibres, Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink reduces signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles and dryness.

    See your skin visibly lifted and moisture-plumped with Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink!
  • Firms up skin for a more lifted look

    Tightens pores for velvety-smooth skin

    Helps make-up stay on longer and adhere better to the skin

    Lifts up bust and buttock for a more attractive body shape

    Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and heals scars

    Re-densifies the skin’s dermis layer for fine and supple skin

    Seals in precious moisture for lasting retention within the skin

    Lightens skin for a snowy complexion

    Strengthens hair and nails, keeping them strong and healthy
  • Collagen Peptide (Fish) in small molecular form allows immediate absorption by the body to plump up the skin.

    Perilla Seed Extract - WSP , a U.S.-patented antioxidant (Patent No.: US6,217,875B1), helps to reduce cell inflammation and increase cell repair ability, thus enhancing the nutrient absorption ability of cells.

    Silk Protein (Peptide) is a powerful water-binding agent that aids in moisture retention. It has the ability to retain water 50 times of its own weight.

    Soy isoflavone stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, and reduces pigmentation.

    Apple, Lemon and Lychee Condensed Juice is rich in malic acid and vitamin C which are effective in skin lightening.
  • • 1 bottle a day, preferably before breakfast or bedtime.
    Shake well before drinking.
    Keep chilled for a delicious taste.

    • First-time users: 1 bottle a day for a consecutive period of 6 days.

    • For maintenance: 1 bottle every 2 days.
  • Can I consume this Drink together with other medicinal, drugs or herbal products?
    This standard practice is recommended by all health practitioners for all types of supplements or natural health drinks:- Consume such products with an interval time of 1 hour. For patients who are taking pro-longed medications or illnesses requiring special care of diet or food intake, it is best to obtain all types of supplements or natural health products with prior consultation with your physician.

    Is this product suitable for vegetarian?
    The product does not suitable for vegetarian because it contains fish collagen.

    Is this product suitable for pregnant lady and breast feeding mother?
    Kinohimitsu Japan Collagen Diamond is 100% natural, no preservatives, no artificial colouring or flavouring and no chemicals. Please consult your physician and doctors before consuming any supplements.

    Is it safe to consume this drink when I have menses?
    Yes, it is safe.

    Can a diabetic patient consume this drink?
    Diabetic patients are on special monitor diet. They need to monitor their daily intake of appropriate proportion of food including basic daily necessity such as rice, wheat, flour, etc. We would like to suggest you to consult your health care professional or physician should you have any doubt.

    What is the difference between Beauty Drink Collagen and Collagen Diamond?
    Beauty Drink contains 2500mg of marine collagen. It is suitable for consumer age below 30 years old; Whereas Collagen Diamond contains 5300mg of marine collagen and is suitable for consumer age above 30 years old.

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Questions & Answers

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  • Hi...which product more suitable for saggy face especially cheek area and winkle?im man 47 years old...which one must i take, diamond collagen or

    Yes, you may continue taking Snow Lotus as it is suitable for you and don't have to change to another product. Both Snow Lotus and Collagen Diamond contains 5300mg collagen. Thank you.

  • Hai boleh ambil collagen 5300mg bersama prowhite? Cara pengambilan?tq

    Hai, anda boleh ambil Collagen Diamond dan ProWhite dalam sehari. Ambil Collagen Diamond sebelum sarapan atau sebelum waktu tidur, ProWhite boleh diambil sebelum waktu tidur. Terima kasih.

  • Is this product contain fish sources? Does it suitable for vegetarian?

    Hi, Collagen Diamond contain collagen from fish hence it's not suitable for vegetarian. Thank you.

  • I'm 25 years old . Can I consume Collagen Diamond as its suitable for 30 years above?

    Yes, it is no problem for 25 years old to start consuming Collagen Diamond. Thank you.

  • Hello, I am 50 years old, at times I am having joints and heels pain, with freckles and late sleeper. Which product (s) you will recommend to me, how to consume and which Superfood is good for my mother age 80+ and for me. Are your Superfood contain gluten? Can we mix Superfood with hot water? Thank you!

    We recommend taking Snow Lotus as it contains 5300mg collagen and also can help to relieve joint and heel pain. Meanwhile, for gluten-free and suitable for her age, your mother can try Superfood Supreme which helps to support joint, bones and muscles health. It is advised to mix with warm water instead of hot water to avoid the nutrients from being destroyed. Thank you.

  • Hai.. nk tanya boleh ke waktu period kita ambil collagen?


    Ya anda boleh ambil collagen masa period. Terima kasih.

  • I am 51 years old and recently body check out found there is a small cysts in my may i know is Kinohimitsu collagen products safe to consume for this problem?

    We recommend checking with your doctor first before consuming any collagen products. Thank you.

  • Me again, actually I bought it for my muscles under nutrients, easily dis align problem, I read it somewhere collegene is good for vein and muscle ,on top of it is good for skin And beauty purpose too... Haha😄😄

    One of the function of collagen on muscles and blood vessel is to maintain a sturdy and healthy structure. Other than that, yes it can provide beauty benefits as it helps with skin firming, reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Thank you.

  • Hi, I’m 35 yrs. Would like to know which collagen more suit for me ? Currently facing skin color not more fair and bright.

    For your current age, can start taking Collagen Diamond. It helps with skin firming, tighten pores, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, skin hydration. You may also take Prowhite to help brighten your skin, reduce pigmentation. You can take Collagen Diamond daily for first 6 days, and then alternate days either before breakfast or before bedtime. Meanwhile, Prowhite can be taken daily before bedtime. Thank you.

  • If I suffer from diabetes and have high cholesterol level, am I suitable to drink the Collagen Diamond?

    Dear Shirley,
    Thank you for enquiring with us. All Kinohimitsu products including Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond 5300 are 100% natural, contain no added sugar and zero fat. Also, Kinohimitsu products are tested free from hormones, steroids, chemicals and preservatives. Thus, it is suitable for long term consumption. The sweetness of Kinohimitsu products is contributed by fruits extract added in the products. However for diabetic patient, it is advisable to check with your doctor before taking any nutritional products.

  • Dear Kinohimitsu,I would like to know is the Collagen Diamond 32's + Bird's Nest 4's made for women or men also can consume it? thank you.regards,

    Dear Michael, 
    Thank you for choosing Kinohimitsu.  Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond 32's + Bird's Nest 4's can be consumed by both women and men.  These products help to improve skin condition by retaining moisture, firming up skin and reducing wrinkles and fine lines.  However, we also have collagen specially formulated for men called Kinohimitsu Collagen Men.  The key ingredient of Collagen Men is the same as Collagen Diamond, which is marine peptide collagen.  Collagen Men comes with a taste that suits men's tastebud more.  Hope this gives you an idea of what we have available for men.  Should you have any other enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us again.  Thank you. 

  • What is the best way to drink both kinohimitsu collagen and birdnest ? Is it should be consume together or separetely?

    Dear Nadya, 
    Thank you for choosing Kinohimisu.  Referring to your question below, both Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond and Kinohimitsu Bird's Nest are suitable to be taken either in the morning before breakfast or at night before bedtime.  Since you have both products, we recommend that you take Collagen Diamond in the morning before breakfast, and Bird's Nest at night before bedtime.  We hope this answers you question.  Thank you. 

  • I got jogging in the morning everyday , i would like to know that i should drink Collagen Diamond 32's + Bird's Nest 4's before or after jogging?

    Dear Pheh Lui,
    Thank you for choosing Kinohimitsu.  For Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond, I wil recommend for you to take 1 bottle a day, preferably before breakfast or bedtime. If you are taking your breakfast before jogging, then you should drink Collagen Diamond before jogging and vice versa. Hope this answers your question. Should you have any other enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us again. Thank you.

  • I am coffee addict. Do I need to have a gap between my coffee time and Kinohimitsu? Thank you.

    Dear Liyana,
    Thank you for choosing Kinohimitsu. There is no restriction to drinking coffee and Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond. However, do keep in mind that caffeine has dehydrating effect. Dehydrated skin may become inflamed which causes redness and premature aging such as collagen loss. Therefore, it is best to limit your coffee intake per day and to drink more water to keep yourself hydrated. Hope this answers your question. Thank you.

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