Stem Gold+ 180g x 2

  • Timeless Beauty!

    Stop fretting gravity, you deserve to be the best you can possibly be!
    Take time out to nurture yourself daily with Kinohimitsu Stem Gold+
    that brings you the full potential of nature’s goodness.
  • 8 Gorgeous Wonders: 

    • Rejuvenates Tired Skin
    • Retains Moisture
    • Improves Skin Elasticity
    • Evens Out Skin Tone
    • Shrinks Pores
    • Reinforces Hair & Nails
    • Promotes Bones Muscles & Ligaments Health
    • Lift Bust, Buttocks & Thighs

  • 21 international patents- Cell Young® Snow Lotus Stem Cell,
    Cell Young® Orchid Stem Cell, Rose Crysta® Rose Extract,
    AstaREAL® Astaxanthin.
  • First-time users: Take 1 scoop a day for 6 days consecutively, preferably before breakfast or bedtime.
    For maintenance: 1 scoop every 2 days.
    Direction of use: Mix with 180ml of water. Serve with chilled water for delicious taste.

  • Is the drink suitable for men?
    Of course. It is suitable for both women and men as it is 100% natural; it does not contain hormones, steroids and chemicals.

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Questions & Answers

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  • Is it suitable for diebetes old people?

    Hi Chris,
    Stem Gold+ might not be suitable for diabetes as it can be sweet. We advise consulting with a doctor before taking. Thank you.

  • Can i drink stem gold+ and prowhite for fairer skin

    Hi Ruby,
    Yes, you may take both Stem Gold+ and Prowhite for fairer skin. Thank you.

  • What is the expiry date of the product

    Stem Gold+ exp date by July 2021. Thank you.

  • Which product is most suitable for saggy flace ?

    We recommend taking Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond to help with skin firming. Thank you.

  • is this products help in antioxidant??

    Yes, Stem Gold+ contains high in antioxidant. Thank you.

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